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The Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston (SAAGH) is a non-profit organization that promotes fellowship and volunteerism among Shell pensioners and maintains a connection between Shell and its pensioners. SAAGH’s mission is to be a vibrant, attractive and relevant organization for Shell pensioners by providing events, activities and services that appeal to a wide range of interests, and keep people connected to each other while having fun doing it.

2020 SAAGH Board of Directors

Steve Paul was re-elected President of the Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston for 2020 at the November Board meeting. Kelly Lang is the Executive Vice President. John Bowser is the Vice President of Volunteer Activities and Randy Petty is Vice President of Membership. We welcome David Dudek, Carolyn Yapp and Forrest Bjerkaas who joined the Board as new Directors.

Many thanks to our returning President, Val Brock, who provided outstanding leadership for SAAGH in 2019, and the other Officers and Directors. And much appreciation to Bob Weiner, Vaughn Phillips, Thor Hanson, and Chuck Ingham, who completed their Directorship terms, for their many contributions to SAAGH over the years they served. For a listing of the Officers and Directors for 2020, CLICK HERE.

The Board is working on the calendar of events for 2020 and a tentative schedule is posted on the events page - CLICK HERE. When details are finalized as the year progresses, the schedule will be updated. For 2020, we will strive to expand our facilitation and increase participation in Shell sponsored volunteer events. CLICK HERE for the 2019 volunteer activities. Similar events are expected to be held in 2020.

Shell Alumni - US and Canada

To go to the Shell Alumni website for the US and Canada CLICK HERE. This website provides links for information on retiree benefits, Shell Alumni Clubs and retiree milestones, as well as updates on what is happening in Shell. Shell AlumniNews has been discontinued and information previously distributed in this publication will be made available on the Shell Alumni website. To access the last AluminiNews (2018 Fall/Winter) and previous editions CLICK HERE (Note: this website still indicates that you can sign up for future editions, but they are no longer being published.)


Holiday Luncheon - December 11th
Over 120 members and their guests enjoyed a Holiday Luncheon at the Northgate Country Club.  The attendees enjoyed a delicious sit-down lunch and entertainment provided by magician, Jamie Salinas, who is from the Houston area. 

Fall Bus Trip to the Renaissance Festival - November 24

37 SAAGH members and their guests traveled to the RenFest for a day filled with exceptional entertainment, costumed lords and ladies, arts and crafts from across the land, and mouth-watering food and drink. The special weekend theme was “Highland Fling”, so there was an extra celebration of the joys of Scotland, including thrilling Highland games.

Rightsizing, Simplifying and Decluttering - October 29


Over 80 Shell retirees and their guests signed up to attend this seminar held at The Abbey at Westminster Plaza. Unfortunately earlier announcements of this event indicated that the seminar would be held at the Holiday Inn Westchase and some members showed up there Our apologies for this mistake.

2019 Fall Golf Tournament -  October 15

The 2019 Fall Golf Tournament was held at the Cypresswood Golf Club in Spring, TX. Following the  tournament there was be a BBQ luncheon and prizes were presented. Congratulations to the Award and Prize winners! Many thanks to Steve Paul, SAAGH President, and the Golf Committee members for making the presentations and Josh Zellars, Cypresswood Golf Club, for compiling and posting team scores! On behalf of the SAAGH Golf Committee (Steve Paul, Jimmie Isaac, Mike Maier and John Bowser), we hope everyone enjoyed the 2019 Fall Golf Tournament! It's a pleasure to be able to continue our efforts in bringing events of interest and fun to SAAGH members and guests. We hope everyone had a great time! Looking forward to seeing everyone at next year's tournaments.

Annual SAAGH Luncheon - October 1

Over 235 Shell Retirees and their guests attended the SAAGH Annual Luncheon at the Mariott Energy Corridor Hotel. Shell Oil Company President, Gretchen Watkins, was our featured speaker along with Delphia York-Ridley of the United Way of Greater Houston. A great job by both! Many thanks to Linda Durrant, Jose Solano and Chuck Ingham for another fantastic Annual Meeting!

Central Market Cooking Classes - September 17 and 18

Due to the continuing strong interest in  the Central Market cooking classes, two were scheduled this fall and both nearly sold out. 54 retirees and their guests prepared classic dishes that would be served in a French Steakhouse. Thanks to SAAGH President Steve Paul for organizing and hosting these very popular classes.


Alley Theater: Murder on the Orient Express - August 13

57 Shell Alumni and their guests enjoyed a dinner at Birraporetti's followed by a performance of Ken Ludwig's "Murder on the Orient Express" , the Summer Chiller at the Alley Theater. Many thanks to SAAGH Director, Ken Broussard, for hosting this event.


Houston Astros vs Colorado Rockies - August 7

70 Shell retirees and their guests attended the game to cheer on the Astros who trounced the Rockies 14-3. Many thanks to SAAGH Directors Chuck Ingham and Ken Broussard who hosted this event.

An Evening at The Ensemble Theatre - July 18

An exciting evening at the Ensemble Theatre for the performance of "Josephine Tonight"! Excellent! Exceptional cast, awesome job, and everyone enjoyed themselves! Special thanks to the staff of the Ensemble Theatre for their cooperation and hosting of our reception. Great fun! 35 Shell Retirees and their guests attended this event hosted by SAAGH Directors Brenda Schroeder and John Bowser.



Sugar Land Skeeters vs Long Island Ducks - July 14

48 Shell Alumni and their guests cheered on  the 2018 Atlantic League Champion Skeeters against the Long Island Ducks. Many thanks to SAAGH Directors Vaughn Phillips and Randy Petty for hosting this event.

San Jacinto & Houston History Bus Tour - June 29

37 Shell retirees and their guests had a fabulous trip that started with a 90-min cruise along the Houston Ship Channel followed by lunch at the Monument Inn. After lunch there was a visit to the San Jacinto monument and museum of history to learn first-hand about the heroic battle that won Texas independence and to visit the Shell-sponsored exhibit “Big Energy: A Texas Tale of People Powering Progress.  On the way home, the bus stopped by St Arnold's brewery for refreshments.  Many thanks to SAAGH Director Val Brock and the others that put  this fantastic tour together!




Houston Astros vs Pittsburg Pirates - Thursday, June 27


116 Shell retirees and their guests attended the game to cheer for the Astros. But unfortunately it was not enough as the Astros lost to Pittsburg, 10-0. Hopefully, the outcome will be better when we see them play the Colorado Rockies on August 7. See above for more details.

Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art - June 13

Fantastic day at the Museum of Fine Arts as nearly 100 Shell Alumni took an educational guided tours of the van Gogh exhibit. Shell Retiree docent, Eric Timmreck, did an awesome job in leading the 10:30am tour!  The MFAH was the only venue for this major survey that brings together more than 50 masterworks by one of the most iconic artists in the history of Western art. Special thanks to Directors Vanessa Fillman and Brenda Schroeder for a great job on the arrangements, coordinating and hosting!





An Evening at Stages Theatre - June 5


Another great SAAGH event as forty Shell Alumni and their guests enjoyed an evening at the Stages Theatre to see Sex with Strangers by Laura Easton. The Stages Theatre is an excellent venue and the play was terrific. Prior to the play, and during intermission, wine and cheese was provided in the Stages Impresario Donor Lounge. Awesome job by Directors Brenda Schroeder and Bill Chalmers in organizing this event

TopGolf Event with Breakfast Buffet in Spring, TX - May 21

This event was cancelled due to lack of participation. Refunds were made to those that had registered. It may be rescheduled later in the year.

Annual BBQ Luncheon - May 15

Another awesome BBQ with 120 Shell Alumni and their guests attending! The Palacio Maria Event Center has been an excellent facility for us. Nice place inside and out! The turnout was excellent and a lot of fun! It was great to see everyone visiting and enjoying themselves! See you next year! Many thanks to SAAGH Directors Jimmie Isaac, John Bowser and Rick Swain for organizing this event.


Estate Planning Seminar - April 12th

130 Shell Retirees and their guests attended the Estate Planning Seminar led by Financial advisors Deborah Stavis and Eddie Cohen in a discussion on several topics related to estate, income tax, charitable gifting, and investment planning. Deborah has more than 30 years experience with a focus in Shell benefit plans. The program was held at the Houston Racquet Club. Many thanks to SAAGH Directors Vaughn Phillips and Kelley Lang for organizing this event.




2019 Spring Golf Tournament - April 9

The weather was ideal for golf as 140 SAAGH members and their guests participated in the Spring Golf Tournament at the Cypresswood Golf Club on April 9, 2019. We hope that everyone had a wonderful time! We look forward to seeing you at the Fall Golf Tournament on October 15th back at Cypresswood.

Special thanks to our event coordinators Steve Paul, Jimmie Isaac, Mike Maier and John Bowser and to our sponsor,Fidelity, the staff of Cypresswood and caters, plus our volunteers for their assistance with registration!

Results from the Spring Golf Tournament:

1st Place (49.6) - Liteske, Layer, Smith, Norris
2nd Place (50.5) - Zimmerman, Goenner, Hewitt, Matzdorff
3rd Place (50.8) - Jackson, Tompkins, Johnson, Levy
4th Palce (50.9) - Fox, Patterson, Parrow,
5th Place (59.9) - Mack, Mack, Sauvageau, Sauvageau
DAL Award (59.9) - Simmons, Gordon, Anderson, Pierce





2019 Spring Luncheon - March 7

Over 150 Shell Retirees and their guests attended the annual spring luncheon held this year at the The Junior League of Houston. Thanks so much to Frank Billingsley, our guest speaker, who gave an outstanding presentation on his journey to find his biological parents using DNA testing. His heart filled and humorous experiences in his dramatic and successful quest have been documented in his book "Swabbed & Found". Entertaining, interesting, & informative!

Many thanks to Linda Durant, Jose Solano and Chuck Inghram for a great job in setting up and coordinating the event. A great location and turnout!




Spring Cooking Classes - February 28 and March 4

Due to strong interest in the past for the Central Market cooking class, two were scheduled this spring and both sold out quickly. Attendees added some drama to their culinary repertoire as the basic techniques of sautéing and creating pan sauces were reviewed, followed by the art of finishing a dish by lighting it on fire. Thanks to SAAGH President Steve Paul for organizing and hosting these very popular classes.



Seminar: "Time for a Brain Tune-Up" - February 6

Over 170 Shell Alumni and their guests attended a seminar held at the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church Amphitheater, that highlighted tips and strategies to help keep our brains sharp and to improve our memory ability. From one attendee, "...I got a lot of information from this program. It reaffirmed some ideas on the few issues that I had opinions about and it provided to me much more information about additional issues and details to be considered. The presenters were so knowledgeable about the details of the subject." Many thanks to SAAGH Director, Vaughn Phillips, for organizing this seminar that was presented by representatives from Amazing Place.

Spec's 2016 Bordeaux Tasting - January 16

15 Shell Retirees and their guests participated a spectacular tasting arranged by Spec's at which some French chateau owners, directors and/or wine makers presented over 60 mostly Cru Classe' wines, all from the fine 2016 vintage. Many thanks to Bill Chalmers for coordinating our participation in this popular event over the last seven years that was held again in the elegant Crystal Ballroom at the Rice Hotel

Museum of Fine Arts: Tutors Exhibit - January 15

Sixty Shell Alumni visited the Museum of Fine Arts for an educational guided tour of “Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits from Holbein to Warhol” on January 15. The exhibition featured portraits of British royalty spanning 500 years. The MFAH was the only U.S. venue to host this unprecedented exhibition, part of a major partnership with the National Portrait Gallery in London. Some 150 objects—most never before seen outside of England—tell the story of Britain’s monarchy through masterworks of painting, sculpture, and photography. Shell alumni Eric Timmreck was one of our guides. Many thanks to SAAGH Director Vanessa Fillman for organizing this event.

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