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The Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston (SAAGH) is a non-profit organization that promotes fellowship and volunteerism among Shell pensioners and fosters a connection between Shell and its pensioners. SAAGH’s mission is to be a vibrant, attractive and relevant organization for Shell pensioners by providing events, activities, services and volunteer opportunities that appeal to a wide range of interests throughout the Greater Houston community, and to keep people connected to each other while having fun doing it.


Membership is comprised of pensioners of Shell Oil Company (and its affiliated companies) who live or lived in the greater Houston area. Dues are $10 per year. At year-end 2020 we had about 770 members plus spouses with 126 of them being first time members.  During 2020 we planned to offer over 30 varied events.  While the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected many of those planned events, SAAGH was able to provide informative webinars and a couple of safely conducted outdoor events.

In 2021 SAAGH will continue to provide many social events and activities as safely as possible to enable members to connect with fellow pensioners. We also encourage our members to support and participate in Shell sponsored volunteer projects throughout the year.


The organization is managed by a slate of officers and directors who are members of SAAGH and who volunteer their services to ensure the continued success of SAAGH.   If you are interested in serving in a leadership position, please let us know.